Straight: Trent Williams Bait: Steven Ponce

Trent Williams, a tall slender and very straight country boy just recently arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He was looking for work, so what better way to earn some quick cash then to fuck some pussy on camera for Caruso. Trent came into the studio all horned up just thinking about how he moved to the ‘big city’ and now he’s gonna be a porn star and get him some hot porn girl ass. Before Trent comes into the studio, we’re reintroduced to Steven Ponce, our bait guy. Check out his new muscles and newly hairy bod, not to mention his still nice and thick 7″ cock. Steven is excited to have a shot at some straight country boy cock and by the look on his face is pretty happy with what he sees when Trent enters and starts talking pussy with Caruso with that ‘rough around the edges’ straight boy attitude. Caruso explains a bit about the scene they’ll supposedly be doing and describes a DP (double penetration), having two cocks in one hole. Our straight boy doesn’t pick up on it right away and he’s pointing to Steven and saying “in him” or something like that. Well, he got it right by accident, but Caruso assures him that it’s both their cocks in a pussy, so Trent relaxes and starts working his 7.5″ cock so he can show Caruso he’s able to get a boner in front of another dude and the camera. With the boys ready to go, Caruso tells them he’s going upstairs to go get the girl. He returns shortly with the bad news, the girl has some sort of rash from Halloween makeup and she’s not ‘camera ready’. There are no other girls available, so if the guys want to make some money today, they’ll have to have sex with each other. Trent responds “what, are you serious’. He said he never even thought of doing anything with a dude. Unlike many of the other guys who hear the same news, Trent remains totally cool and calm and eventually just says “I’m already here, might as well do it and make the money”. Steven wastes no time and reaches over and starts jacking Trent’s cock which gets hard pretty quickly, from there Steven is anxious to get that beauty in his mouth and goes right down on the 7 incher. We can see Trent is enjoying it – until it’s his turn to suck his first cock. He gets on his knees and tentatively puts the tip of Steven’s cock in his mouth and starts sucking. When the boys finally sit down for their final interview, Caruso asks Trent if there’s any difference between a guy and a girl sucking your dick to which he responds “no, not really”. Caruso continues “Steven seemed to do a good job, the minute he put your cock in his mouth you got hard” and Trent jumps in feeling like he has to explain that reaction to a man sucking his penis and says “because it felt like a black girl who used to sucked my dick”.

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